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Shade-Matching Challenge

Posted 12.01.2016

A Single Central Incisor Achieving a good color match when restoring a single incisor is probably among the most difficult aesthetic challenges for any dentist (Figure 1). While the latest technology can be found in most modern dental offices such as CBCT; laser; CAD/CAM; and less common, the more expansive…

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When Will All-Ceramics Surpass PFM’s?

Posted 08.08.2013

As the popularity of PFM restorations continues to decline, all-ceramics are on the rise. More and more, labs are delivering zirconia, IPS e.max lithium disilicate, and full contour restorations. As this trend continues, the shift from metal-based to metal-free restorations will grow steeper and steeper.

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Why We Do What We Do: A Case Study

Posted 07.22.2013

Every now and then, we get the privilege of hearing exactly how our work on a case made an impact on someone’s life. It’s cases like these we’re reminded exactly why we’re in business in the first place: to change people’s lives by giving them a new smile.

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The All-on-4™, Presented by Dr. Almasri: A Recap

Posted 05.06.2013

Dr. Almasri gave us a thorough run-down of the preliminary steps of the All-on-4™ technique, including patient selection and case presentation. We learned some diagnostic considerations, as well as how to recognize which patients would benefit most from this procedure.

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The Man Behind the Lab, Part II

Published 02.18.2013

Last month, we began a spotlight segment on the owner of YDL, Sami Yared. We discussed his past, his hardships, and how he coped with those hardships and even used them to his advantage. You can read that article here. We’ll continue right where we left off: Sami had been working in California for some time, and was getting ready to make the move to the Lone Star State.

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The Man Behind the Lab, Part I

Published 01.15.2013

The owner of YDL sits down and shares his remarkable past. From Lebanon to Los Angeles, all the way to Texas, this classic American success story started with little more than two suitcases and a relentless work ethic.

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